418iiw07k2LIn the latest of our retro-tastic flashbacks we celebrate the release of Bad Company’s classic self-titled debut – celebrating its 40th anniversary this year!

The coming together of Paul Rodgers and Mick Ralphs made for a mighty classic rock combo and sure enough the hit-laden Bad Company shot straight to the top of the US charts. 

Produced by the band with help from engineer Ron Nevison the heavy blues rock sound struck an instant chord with US audiences but UK fans eventually fired the record into the top three on this side of the Pond.

Ultimately seeing out the 70s as one of the decade’s top 50 sellers it remains a standout example of radio-friendly rock made for the burgeoning FM radio market and still deemed a classic today.

From the anthemic Can’t Get Enough to the emotive Seagull – a song Rodgers still finds room for in his solo setlist today – the album had all the hallmarks of songwriters at the top of their game relishing a new challenge.

Free and Mott The Hoople might have made Rodgers and Ralphs household names but Bad Company was the band that made them household names and a fortune to boot.

The title track of the self-titled album is an absolute belter and Ready For Love is a slow-burning rocker still beloved of classic rock radio today.

In fact there’s no weak link on a record that’s been certified 5Xplatinum and remains an essential starting point for newcomers to the blues rock genre.

The full tracklisting for Bad Company is as follows:

  1. Can’t Get Enough
  2. Rock Steady
  3. Ready For Love
  4. Don’t Let me Down
  5. Bad Company
  6. The Way I Choose
  7. Movin’ On
  8. Seagull


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