Teesside has always been synonymous with top notch rock heroes and debonair three-piece Dartz have been on the rushonrock radar for some time.

From the region which generously thrust Sir David of Coverdale and Paul ‘The Voice’ Rodgers upon us, prepare for a trio of dance puck devils intent on whipping up an aural storm.

If you missed 2007’s debut long player This Is My Ship then you need a bloody good excuse. But latecomers can catch up with next month’s mini album The Sad History Of The Village Of Alnerique.

OK, it makes the title of Extreme’s Saudades de Rock sound plain. But it would be a major surprise if, hidden within this laid back gem, we do not unearth eight nifty rock tunes guaranteed to get you jumping.

And that is exactly what fans will be doing at Sunderland’s The White Rooms on September 18 because we headbanging North Easterners have struck lucky again by nabbing one of only five dates nationwide!

“For all of our old songs, the writing process basically consisted of us working on the music first and then, once that was sorted, we’d work on the lyrics,” guitarist Henry J Carden explains.

“For this release though, Philip (J Maughan) had written some words and we thought it’d be interesting to try and write some music which suited the lyrics.

“It was a different approach for us but I think it’s resulted in ‘The Sad History Of…’ being a much more cohesive collection of songs than any of our past releases.”

A full review will appear on these pages soon but we can confidently predict something rather super from Henry, Philip and William (K Anderson).

Simon M Rushworth