Day One, November 29 2012

Rock chicks’ log…star date 29/11/12…our mission: to boldly go where no rock chick has gone before. Ok, I said that last year but 2012 sees a brand new venue for my favourite festival – Hard Rock Hell 6: A Fistful Of Rock!

And the new venue is ripe for a new format. Four days of rock, glam, metal, country, blues and new blood all topped off with Sunday’s rock n roll ball (or should that be bawl?). 

Thursday saw the chicks arrive at the Jagermeister Stage where those present were treated to a veritable smorgasbord of rock, metal and glam. Legendary glamsters and HRH veterans Tigertailz traded blows with the Gypsy Pistoleros while Persian Risk and TNT served up the classic rock hooks. Throw in the melodic Hangfire and it was an opening night to remember.

Krusher brought the proceedings to a suitably raucous close spinning a series of rock and metal classics into the early hours of Friday morning. With much more to come Hard Rock Hell already has the look of the perfect party to kick off the festive season.

Viki Ridley