@ Sheffield Corporation, September 9 2012

If sleazy Swedish heavy rock is your thing then this was a full on assault of everything you ever dreamed of.

The party got underway with Stockholm’s finest Fatal Smile showcasing Welcome To The Freakshow – the opening song from their new album 21st Century Freaks.

The band resembled ghoulish glam rockers with Blade, the lead vocalist, donning an amazing military-style jacket and sporting black bandit style eye-makeup. 

The sound was absolutely awesome and even three songs in the heaving masses were left wondering how on earth the main act – Crazy Lixx – were going to follow them!

Fatal Smile are a truly mesmerising band both with their image and gloriously heavy sound. Influenced – but not solely dictated to – by the likes of Iron Maiden and Rainbow theirs is a sound that takes rock into completely new directions.

The heavy guitar riffs, drum beats – and a vocal aptitude that most people can only dream about reaching – had the audience truly captivated.

The band visibly moved everyone in the room with their excellent tribute ballad to Ronnie James Dio – For The Last In Line – that included the heartfelt lyrics – “So stay on your silver mountain, Always a rainbow in the dark, And though you weren’t hungry for heaven, I know in my heart, a million stars will shine…”

Then it was On Your Marks, Get Set, Rock!…..Crazy Lixx took to the stage following a four-year break from UK and proved that they remain a major force to be reckoned with!

The clarity of their 80s influenced sound was delivered with no messing – Danny Rexon’s lead vocals were amazing and the recent addition of another shredder guitarist, Edd Liam, has given Crazy Lizz a more polished sound (think Hysteria-era Leppard for starters).

The Crazy Lixx set list included songs from their last three CD albums – Loud Minority (2007), New Religion (2010) and their latest effort Riot Avenue (2012).

Audience participation was definitely on the menu for Heroes Are Forever and the crowd pleaser – 21 Til I Die – was a true highlight alongside Whiskey Tango Foxtrot and In The Night.

All in all this night went down as one of the most rockin’ the Corp has seen for a while – don’t be the Last in Line the next time these bands Fire It Up in the UK.

Diane Goodrum