With the Download festival opening its doors for a 10th year we’re continuing to count down to Friday’s official kick-off by bringing you the definitive list of must-see bands.

Every year RUSHONROCK focuses on the stellar names and the rising stars and in 2012 we’re spoilt for choice.

We’ve brought you exclusive interviews with Rivals Sons, Little Angels, Quireboys and The Treatment.

And now we’re focusing on just why you need to see some of of the hottest rock and metal acts on the planet.

Next up it’s German power metal mob Edguy – rare visitors to these shores and well worth some of your time on Sunday afternoon. Look out for more previews on Thursday and Friday. 





Band: Edguy

Where: Pepsi Max Stage

When: Sunday June 10 (14.00-14.30)

Who: King pins of Power Metal

Why Watch Edguy: Tobias Sammet and his Teutonic metal machine play with power, speed, style and panache to create a unique and captivating sound. Oh, and they’re hardly ever over here playing live.

Why Miss Edguy: There is a potentially nasty clash with another of this year’s must-see bands with retro rockers Rival Sons in action for the second half of Edguy’s set. It’s like picking a brand new Mercedes over a classic Pontiac Firebird.

Must hear: Rocket Ride from the 2006 album of the same name says everything about Edguy’s ultra-professional approach to producing memorable power metal anthems.

Overrated: The lengthy Pandora’s Box from 2011’s Age Of The Joker reveals Edguy’s tendency to go on a little bit. It’s not bad but we’d rather listen to the radio edit.