All this week we’re pointing you in the direction of the Download bands you can’t afford to miss – from the multi-million selling mega acts to the fast rising newbies.

And Reckless Love fall into the latter category after releasing two superb hair metal throwback records within 20 months.

Looking like every chart-busting pop metal troupe from the late 80s theirs is a sound rooted in Leppard, Warrant, Winger and Europe – and they’ve got the looks to match the hooks.

Guaranteed to put on one of the shows of the weekend the Fabulous Finns were born to party. And this time you’re invited to join them! Look out for more Download previews all week. 






Band: Reckless Love

Where: Pepsi Max Stage

When: Sunday June 10 (13.15-13.40)

Who: Steel Panther doing it for real

Why Watch Reckless Love: Visually they’re a throwback to the late 80s MTV era and they sound like your dream hair metal mix tape. Leaders of the retro pop rock pack and purveyors of several singalong anthems. Ladies will also find much to admire in frontman Olli Herman (he even shaves his armpits).

Why Miss Reckless Love: If Download is all about the metal then give these pretty boys a wide berth. The former Finnish covers band look as good as they sound – and they look like a montage of Leppard, Crue, Bon Jovi and Europe.

Must hear: The fantastic Feel My Heat from 2010’s self-titled debut. It’s a fairly self-explanatory tune aimed at all of you rock chicks out there.

Overrated: Dirty Dreams from 2011’s Animal Attraction. It’s average by Reckless Love’s high standards and nowhere near as memorable as tracks like Hot, On The Radio and Born To Break Your Heart.