Prove your humanity

rushonrock chick Viki is bringing you the fan’s eye view of Hard Rock Hell V this weekend and as she embarks upon a second day of rock and metal here’s Day One’s wrap!

After arriving at a nippy Prestatyn, rushonrock approved Falling Red kicked off the weekend in fine form! The new theme of HRH V: if you ain’t down with the rock you can f**k off.

Caught up with singer Rozey who had a blast fronting the festival’s opening act and the FR boys hung around to back label mates Velvet Star. Then it was off to support Magnum on Saturday night.

And for those of you who just can’t get enough of Rozey and his buddies don’t forget they’re playing Trillians in Newcastle on Monday!

Back to HRH and we were front and centre for the soulful Simon McBride – his clean guitar and chilled out rhythm perfect for warming up Stage Two. Things were heating up nicely even though the frost was biting outside and only the news of Ace Frehley cancelling threatened to put a dampener on Day One. The rumour mill has the Dogs D’Amour stepping in to replace the ex-Kiss man…

Girlschool still have the ability to make jaws drop more than 30 years after they broke onto the fringes of the NWOBHM scene. The headliners once again proved that you don’t have to be male to be metal!

A fine finish to a fantastic day with the promise of Sweet Taste, Voodoo Six and ex-Wildheart Ginger to come! Viki