@ Newcastle Legends, October 15 2011

Touchstone are picking up support in prog and classic rock circles and their performance on this night shows exactly why.

In support of upcoming record The City Sleeps, the Hertfordshire five-piece’s stop at Newcastle was met with modest numbers yet zealous reception. 


After a delicate warmer from Heather Findlay, Touchstone rallied into their set.  They balance carefully on a ridge that sees heavy metal, old-school rock and prog fans unite under one sonic banner, and when they’re this tight on the night it’s easy to see why.

Kim Seviour’s uplifting, haunting harmonies perched beautifully on a fortress of melodic prog riffery – giving a contrast of powerful musical textures.  Adam Hodgson’s lead weaved spectacularly into the mix, breaking out into its own sections of ethereal picking – ultimately nailing each solo.  It was a sound that had its Floyd-esque moments and Marillion nod but kept a unique focus on those instrumental sections.

Drummer Henry Rogers’ off-beat, rhythmic quirks folded into the occasional instrumental verse – Seviour swaying amongst the smoky haze in an entrancing display.  Corridors and Joker In The Pack were both impressive and title track from the eagerly awaited The City Sleeps gave reassurance that Touchstone will equal or possibly better the spectacular Wintercoast album.

Theirs was a show that beamed with confidence, buzzed with potential and essentially excited fans for what’s ahead.

Calum Robson