@ Glasgow The Arches, June 10 2011

Glasgow’s The Arches may be an unusual venue for a rock gig but the expectant crowd got a band that blew through the labyrinth like wildfire.

And if Buckcherry delivered then this intimate setting provided the band with the perfect warm up for their last-day Download show. 

Buckcherry burst on stage to the opener Rescue Me – the venue roared into action and the party began.

The tattooed, hip-swaggering Josh Todd instantly cast a sleazy spell over The Arches masses – maintaining the volume and the momentum.

All Night Long segued into It’s A Party and preceded the brilliant Next To You. Highly charged and energetic, Buckcherry kept their devotees wrapt.

Todd proved as enigmatic as ever: The Thin White Duke meets a tattoo needle – he is all confrontation and sneer, which appears to belie the joy of being on stage.

Fan favourite Lit Up caused a crowd eruption but it was Crazy Bitch that sent the place into frenetic delirium and resulted in Todd allowing The Arches to be his voice.

Sorry and Whisky In The Morning calmed the frenzy but for two hours the guys delivered a pounding set that never disappointed.

It appears Buckcherry are now the perfect soundtrack to a rock n’ roll party. Their low slung and trashy style is packed with bluesy AC/DC hooks and Aerosmith-style riffs.

Following the release of their most successful album to date, 15, Buckcherry now have an army of new fans taking them into the big leagues. Let’s hope Josh and the guys can keep the party going for years to come.

Viki Ridley