German futurepop/industrial crew Blutengel continue to make waves with their unique brand of modern rock.

And our man Calum Robson caught up with frontman Chris Pohl as the band prepares for a big year in 2011.

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rushonrock: What was the initial inspiration for setting up Blutengel?

Chris Pohl: In fact it was the time when I tried to quit my contract with Maschinenwelt, a berlin label. I was under contract with Seelenkrank, and the guy did not want to let me go so I changed the name into Blutengel and signed in at Out of line! I took the chance to change also music and style a little, away from the fetish themes and more into gothic, vampire. So Blutengel was born!

rushonrock: It’s fair to say you’ve worked with quite a number of projects in the past. How do you divide the attention?

CP: I did a lot J I like different music styles and I never wanted to combine all the things I like in one project… So I had Tumor for the industrial music, Terminal Choice for the funny and more industrial rock music and Blutengel for the romantic, dark pop and gothic music! It’s always a different style of working. TC is a band so we “jam” in the studio, drinking, making music. For BE I have to be alone and I have to be in a more let’s say “sad” mood.

rushonrock: Do you have separate personal goals in the sound you wish to achieve with each project?

CP: Hmm, well I think BE should be a real dark pop project! That means I like to write good melodies, I use good and clean vocals from me and my girls. The lyrics are real intimate sometimes.  It’s kind of therapy to me. With TC we can do anything. It’s fun, it’s rock it’s electro. It is more open to any influence from my guys.

rushonrock: In terms what you want to express, how does Blutengel and Terminal Choice differ for you? Obviously there’s a more guitar orientated sound with Terminal Choice. Would you agree that it has a more aggressive nature?

CP: As I said. TC will always be more aggressive. We like the idea of being a real rockband with real instruments.

rushonrock: Have any musical artists had a big impact on your life?

CP: No not really an impact. I like bands like Depeche Mode because the do pop music always with a little sad and sometimes dark influence. There are many artists I really like and respect but I don’t think that they had an impact.

rushonrock: What do you think the future holds for German electronic music?

CP: I don’t know. Maybe the “good” bands get more attention because bands like “hurts” are really successful and there are more little synth bands who deserve to be more famous than they are…

rushonrock: Looking to the lyrical sides of things, what themes will always be with Blutengel?

CP: My life! Most of the lyrics deal with my experiences. My dreams and hopes and the bad, bad love thing. Death will always be a big part because everyone has to day and no one can tell how it feels, so I have big respect! I am often thinking about a life after death. WILL there be anything after death?

rushonrock: Obviously you’re a very visual band. How important is that for the band?

CP: It’s really important because I wanted to create the world how I like it to be! Good looking girls, vampires, blood, fire. For live shows we do a lot of show! I want the people to come with me on a journey. I don’t like it when electro bands are just standing on the stage with nothing other than fake keyboards. So we try to make a live gig more theatre like.

rushonrock: Did setting up your own label in 2001 finally give you the artistic freedom that you had desired? What made you set up Fear Section?

CP: It was just the idea of giving some small bands a home. I wanted to share my experience with labels and I wanted to be a “good” label boss. But my projects are not on my label because I am not able to make music and to make at the same time promotion for me, so that´s a job for other people. Out of line is doing a good job and so we worked together since more than 10 years.

rushonrock: How do you feel about the result of the upcoming Tränenherz? Did all go according to plan?

CP: I am exited! Working was brilliant! We worked together with a producer for the first time (José Alvarez) and it was a new but cool experience! Now we hope that the fans like the “new” sound, but it still sounds like BE.

rushonrock: Musically, what do you want to give fans with this release?

CP: As every musician says: It’s our best album ever!  Well I would says it´s the most intimate album. It tells some stories. Most of the stories are describing two years in my life, so when the people listen to the music and the words, they can see how I felt in the last two years. Love really fucked me up.