@ Newcastle O2 Academy, April 23 2011

A rare treat for metalcore fans as Newcastle Academy braved a sonic assault to deliver a four-band line-up comprising some of the biggest bands of the genre today.

And of the classy quartet one act in particular demanded attention in the wake of this year’s album of the year contender.

Brighton-based stars Architects emerged to a piece of music taken from psycho slasher series Dexter, and launched headlong into their set without pausing for social niceties. 

First track In Elegance was welcomed in with cheers and screams of delight. Also taken from their 2009 release Hollow Crown, the fantastic fan favourite Follow The Water was met with equal exuberance.

Swiftly moving on to showcase tracks from the acclaimed The Here And Now high points included the tale of struggle Day In Day Out,  the instruction and military sounding Learn To Live, and brutal commentary of the misguided youth, Delete Rewind, which already appears to be the people’s choice.

Babyfaced vocalist Sam Carter boasted just the right mix of melody and menacing growl to whip the already frenzied crowd into greater fervour. Drummer Dan Searle impressed with his powerful heartbeat, driving the band hard and fast.  Brother Tom Searle and Tim Hillier Brook provide the necessary guitar and complete Architects’ mighty wall of sound.

Sadly, Architects had barely had time to warm up before the last song of their set was announced and the boys departed to make way for the next metalcore instalment of the evening. These guys certainly excel at their craft and are being recognised within the industry for their talents. Metalcore continues to hold itself within the rock and metal scene today and on the evidence of a blistering Newcastle set Architects may well be the creators of future greatness within their field.

Viki Ridley