Guitar hero Joe Bonamassa has pledged to keep on playing after revealing his appetite for making music is stronger than ever.

With a Top 20 UK and Top 40 US solo album under his belt and the debut record from supergroup Black Country Communion due later this month the New Yorker has never been busier.

But Bonamassa, who has released 10 records in 10 years, insists the well is not about to run dry and fans can expect a deluge of new material next year. “I take very few days off,” he joked when rushonrock sought to uncover the secret of the axe hero’s ability to combine quantity with quality.

“Between October and mid-December I’m on the road promoting the Black Rock record and then I’ll have three and a half weeks at home chilling out and spending time with friends and family. That’s enough of a holiday for me.

“In January we’ll finish off the next solo record which we started working on last month.

“And after that it may well be that I go back into the studio with the Black Country guys. The music’s been well received so far and we can’t ignore that.

“I’m busy but it’s fun. It’s all about surprising my fans and not getting stale. Whenever we come out with something we want the fans to be excited!”

Look out for a full interview with Bonamassa here soon and don’t forget to catch him on the road in the UK throughout October.