Earlier this summer you may remember we brought you the chance to download Tres Brujas, from The Sword’s remarkable new record, for free!

Well now we’ve decided to celebrate one of the tunes of the year by delivering the video clip for the standout song on concept album Warp Riders. Expect a full review next week as we pit The Sword against Iron Maiden in a good old fashioned riff-off but don’t forget the whole of Warp Riders is streaming now at: www.myspace.com/thesword

It owes more than a little to Queensryche’s career defining concept classic Operation: Mindcrime and guitarist/lead vocalist J.D. Cronise admits as much when he explains the lineage of his latest brainchild.

“I’m pretty sure the first concept album I ever heard was Operation: Mindcrime by Queensrÿche when I was a kid, which I was way into,” he said.

“Even though I never really understood the whole story, I was nonetheless enthralled by how the album created its own world. I wanted to create a setting for our songs that would be unique and different, but still a place where epic sagas unfold in proper Sword fashion.”

He added that inspiration took hold from: “Lots of things … the legend of Atlantis, old Heavy Metal magazines, the films of René Laloux, a childhood dream, and The Teachings of Don Juan by Carlos Castaneda to name a few.” Heavy stuff – literally!

Enjoy this video and enjoy Warp Riders – that’s an order.

Tres Brujas

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