Every day this week we’re looking at the bands to watch at Download 2010 and after last year’s storming set inside a sweaty tent we could hardly ignore the lure of Steel Panther 12 months on.

The band determined to bring back hair metal in a style bigger and better than ever before are riding a wave of hype and emotion and until the bubble bursts they’re a decent bet as band of the festival for the second year running.

If you like your rock dirty, dumb and sleazy then these boys have got it off to a tee and the only question facing the band’s die hards this weekend will be this: is the joke still funny?

We’re convinced it is so for a quick look at the ins and outs of the Panther read on – and grab your spot early in front of the second stage on Sunday.

Name: Steel Panther

Home country: USA

Download 2010: 18.20-19.30, The Ronnie James Dio Stage, Sunday June 13

Classic Album: Feel The Steel

Classic Track: Community Property

Don’t Mention: STDs – safe sex is not on the Panther’s radar

Do Mention: Groupies – in the finest tradition of rock and roll these guys have one thing on their mind

Look Out For: Lexxi Foxxx – the best looking man in rock

Avoid: Panther backstage – it’s normally carnage

Did you know: The band splits its time between residencies in LA and Las Vegas