Here at rushonrock we’re not renowned for trumpeting the work of singer songwriters specialising in electro pop.

But there’s just something about the classic electric guitar riff running through Johan Reinhold’s mesmerising Shoot Me Down that we just can’t shake.

It makes this tune defiantly rock in our eyes – even if the remixes we’ve heard are more suited to a pure pop audience. But the less said about them the better. 

Reinhold, with his bushy beard , tattoos and penchant for denim and leather, certainly looks like he rocks. And we reckon that, given a little shove in the right direction, he could eschew the pop for something a little meatier in the future.

Shoot Me Down – The Remix EP is out now and we’ll be keeping a close eye on the full length album to follow. The original (and best) song is available to download for free via and it’s something we would heartily recommend. Shoot us down if we’re wrong.