They’re billed as the ‘All Chick Tribute To Metallica’ and Misstallica hit the UK for the first time this month armed with an arsenal of thrash metal classics and a whole load of attitude.

Packing their set with Metallica standards up to and including the …And Justice For All era the four piece already boast a huge following on America’s West Coast.

And we caught up with bass player Teddi – a.k.a. Clit Burton – as the band prepared to tackle a new territory head on and avoid that dreaded ash cloud…

rushonrock: This is your first time touring the UK and you must be thrilled?

Teddi: We’re very, very excited. It’s not the first time we’ve been abroad as musicians but it’s our first time as a band. I have no idea how we’ve reached this point – maybe it’s juts dumb luck. But we’ve built up a pretty good name for ourselves back home within a couple of years and now’s the time to spread the word. We have some good friends who play in a metal tribute band called Tragedy and they suggested we gave the UK a go. It worked for them and they reckoned people would like us.

rushonrock: Three quarters of Misstallica used to be in a King Diamond tribute band so why the switch to Metallica?

Teddi: We took a little break from the King Diamond thing as we all had other things going on. Then we got a really, really good show offer but the guy putting the whole thing together said he’d love to hear us doing Metallica. He asked us if we were up for it and of course we were. We learnt the Master Of Puppets record in a month and Misstallica was born.

rushonrock: Taking on Metallica is a pretty tall order though…

Teddi: Actually the King Diamond stuff was even harder to master. We’re all very proficient musicians and we come from a background of performing and learning songs at short notice. A month was way longer than we were used to in terms of learning the material so we didn’t encounter too many problems.

rushonrock: Have you always been into rock?

Teddi: I played guitar before I was the bas player in Misstallica and I’ve been doing that for seven years. I’m a singer songwriter and music is my life. I’m the oldest member of the group but we’ve all been playing for years and we’re all professional musicians. Growing up I was always into metal and classic rock – we all liked Metallica anyway and knew their songs already.

rushonrock: What can we expect on the UK tour?

Teddi: We play stuff from Kill ‘Em All through to …And Justice For All but I think my favourite record is Ride The Lightning. My favourite song is Disposable Heroes from MOP and I think we play that quite well!

rushonrock: Are Misstallica on the Metallica radar?

Teddi: I know Lars Ulrich knows of us but there’s been no official contact. Yet.

rushonrock: What’s the reaction like from fans seeing you live for the first time?

Teddi: I don’t think the reaction in the UK will be too different to what we experience back home. We always get a good mix of men and women at the shows and they either like Metallica or they just like good metal music. We do get some sceptics, as you can imagine, but most people are really appreciative of what we do and respect the fact that we’re good at what we do.

* Misstallica kick off their eight-date tour of the UK in Sheffield on Saturday May 22.