Femme Fatale – Waiting For The Big One (Neigher/Cole) b/w My Baby’s Gun (Rawd/Lewis)

1988 Limited Edition with Giant Colour Poster

Alongside Lita Ford, Vixen and Lisa Dominique, leggy blonde Lorraine Lewis was at the forefront of hair metal’s female assault.

An average singer with above average looks she joined forces with four hard rocking hunks straight off a Sunset Strip casting couch and Femme Fatale were born.

In fact the band came together in Albuquerque, New Mexico and once they’d been picked up by producer David Cole and MCA the future looked rosy for the band with everything. But two hit singles later and it was all over. This track, along with the fantastic Falling In And Out Of Love, earned Femme Fatale heavy MTV rotation and guaranteed sales in excess of 200,000 for their self-titled debut.

Throwing in a giant poster of Ms Lewis in this two-track 12-inch was a predictable if welcome move and teenage boys everywhere flocked to plaster the blonde bombshell across their bedroom walls. But as fellow hair metal bands made it even bigger, Femme Fatale’s star quickly fell and they were done with just one record under the belts.

More’s the pity.