We’re going girl crazy on rushonrock this week with exclusive interviews from Hysterica and Marya Roxx just the tip of a suitably arctic iceberg.

As January continues to freeze the b******s off all and sundry we attempt to warm your cockles with some red hot rock as we enter what promises to be another 12 months of power chord heaven.

There’s the belated launch of of our latest vinyl feature (we promise) – 12s @ 12 – featuring none other than the mighty Vixen!

And we complete a week dedicated to the ladies with a visit to the North East’s brand new club venue of choice – Suzie’s Classic Rock Night at Newcastle’s LYH pub.

There’s the return of Self Made Man (ok, he’s not a lady but he’s very much a lady’s man) and Rock O’ The North. And there’s all the latest rock and metal news as it happens.

If it rocks it rushonrocks! Throughout 2010 and beyond…