They’ve just been confirmed for Download Saturday and this modern metal crew from the Midlands are making quite a noise right now.

Max Raptor are Wil Ray, JB Wilcox, Tom Garrett and Matt Stevenson and you can get yourselves a copy of their new single The Great And The Good on iTunes right now.

In the meantime the guys have agreed to go under the microscope as the rushonrock Rider returns. (Don’t ask us where it’s been – we’re not quite sure ourselves…).

On your iPod: The Bronx, The Shins and Sikth.

Small Screen Pleasure: Wil – LOST…The finale….the only programme I’ve ever watched religiously…yea, it’s sad but it’s amazing…then these political debates are fun,  good sources for song lyrics about lies, cheats, war and deceit. Come Dine With Me features heavily in my really busy schedule and I remember this quote from last week’s episode – ‘the difference between Kate and Sharon is between 12-14 kilos…’.

Making A Meal Of It: Favourite meal? It’s usually loads of meat…Tom’s not a huge fan of vegetables or fruit so his five-a-day consists of meat items moulded into the shape of vegetables/fruit. Beef banana etc…. JB is an Italian man, Matt likes a steak and Wil likes a bit of sausage….waaaahhhheeyyyy….no, seriously he likes pork-based products. He once had 16 sausages in one sitting.. Scotch Eggs are amazing..Pork pies too. Did you know a scotch egg can be served hot and that in West Africa, some fast-food restaurants offer Scotch eggs alongside their other menu items. Why doesn’t it happen here??

Drivetime: The Mother Bus, known as MA RAPTOR, is a beautiful ex-disabled school mini bus. In certain light, you can still see the words “SUNSHINE COACH”. One of the things we’ve learned about being in a band is that the more exposure you achieve and the more sacrifices you make the shitter your car becomes. Matt’s had 11 cars in the past seven years and crashed five of them. His most recent crash was into the High Sheriff of Stafford….it’s fine though…fuels lyrics…I told him this to make him feel better.

Ace Place: Wil – Berlin was nuts, techno rave at 5am is just what you need to start a day. Music scenes is pretty impressive but neo-Nazis are disturbing to an extent. As a band, to go out, to party and play it would have to be Leeds or the home town of Birmingham….Wil went to Panama once and received a really bad gash on his chest from an unknown source as he was found knocked out in his boxer shorts in Bocas del Toro…erm, I’ve heard St. Lucia nice…but that’s for the next question.

Dream Destination: St. Lucia

Nickname Shame: Wil – Will Foo-Yung as Wil regularly gets mistaken for being of Eastern-Asian descent.

Matt – The Cow – similar features to the Laughing Cow cheese cow.

Tom – Mr Tumnus/The Fawn – due to his beard and tin whistle..(this was a phase and no longer stands)

JB – JB is so old that records don’t go back far enough to find out.