AC/DC – Heatseeker (A Young/M Young/Johnson) b/w Go Zone (A Young/M Young/Johnson) & Snake Eye (A Young/M Young/Johnson)

1988 Limited Edition Picture Disc

If the mid to late 80s are viewed as a creatively lean period by long-time fans of AC/DC then this anthemic offering represented a return to the chart-busting form of the band’s early career.

Peaking at number five in Australia and number 12 in the UK – as well as scoring well across Europe – this was the band’s measured response to the MTV boom. A big budget video and blast of a clip caught the attention of programmers the world over and the visual effect of Heatseeker perfectly complemented its aural power. The 12 inch picture disc includes an additional two tracks culled from the Razor’s Edge record – the bluesy Go Zone and the snarling Snake Eye. It’s a neat three-track package and the fact that all three songs have long been ignored in the band’s live set is disappointing if predictable.

But Heatseeker is a heroic effort from a band seeking to stay current without losing its trademark sound and this shiny piece of vinyl looks superb.