There comes a time when all of us need to step back from the more serious side of the music we love and simply enjoy a dose of overblown excess. That time has come.

As Steel Panther make a welcome return to these shores we’ll be looking at the band’s finer lyrical moments, delivering an exclusive interview with pretty boy Lexxi Foxxx and reviewing their Newcastle show.

For those of you who just don’t understand the whole spoof metal scene it’s time to chill out or trot off. We’re not saying the Panther will ever come close to Queensryche, Dream Theatre or Rush but what they lack in terms of mental capacity they more than make up for in sheer showmanship.

We’re not afraid to laugh at ourselves when it comes to some of our more controversial metal tastes. But we’d rather laugh at – and with – Steel Panther. If you’re still not convinced then there’s still a load more stuff going on this week…

Frank Turner and Chuck Ragan are on the road delivering a double dose of folk rock quality and we’ll be looking to review their show right here.

Then there’s a goth metal double bill as HIM and Dommin seek the hearts and minds of all those dressed in black and favouring eye liner. Once again we’ll review both bands right here.

Emerging Brit stars Falling Red join Hollywood Tease on tour in March and we’re aiming to catch up with both bands this week. But there’s more.

Check out new blogs from Rock O’ The North and Self Made Man, the return on Def Leppard on 12@12 and another slew of reviews including the latest Best Of from Savatage. Wow.