The hottest man in the hottest band on the planet has laid down a challenge to any women planning to hit this month’s Steel Panther show at Newcastle’s o2 Academy.

Rushonrock caught up with Lexxi Foxxx after he called from his Hollywood pad last night – on two hours sleep and with a bunch of groupies to get rid of.

And the bass playing pretty boy said: “I’ve heard all about the reputation of Geordie girls and the fact that they never wear anything – even in winter. Well, here’s the challenge. “I’m pretty confident I’ll be wearing even less than the most scantily clad bitch inside the venue when we hit Newcastle next week.

“I’ve been doing extra sit-ups to make sure I look extra special and I’m planning a few special surprises for the hottest chicks.”

So there you have it. Look out for a full interview with Lexxi here soon and of course a full review of their debut Tyneside show.