After a terrific opening from fast-rising acoustic punk artist Sean McGowan, Skinny Lister dragged themselves on stage with haggard expressions displaying the effects from the night before and went on to produce arguably the best show Cluny 2 has seen for years.

Having hit the road to promote their second album, Down On Deptford Broadway, the band got the ball rolling with the album’s opening track Raise A Wreck. With the tracks’ whiskey soaked, pirate appeal, there was no better way to kick off an evening of rum swigging and beer drinking, as an enthusiastic crowd danced their way into the night. 


With the latest release taking center stage, high-energy tracks such as George’s Class, Six Whiskeys and Trouble On Oxford Street bounced off the walls as the steam started to rise, and a pirate-style jar of rum was passed from person to person.

While Down On Deptford Broadway was the focus of attention, the band followed the traditional Christmas song rule of any Irish/faux Irish band – if you’ve got one, play it regardless of the time of year. Despite the fast approaching summer months, If The Gaff Don’t Let Me Down went down a treat as the audience climbed on each other’s shoulders and sang along with joy.

As the rum flowed and the audience got more and more involved, the band slowed it right down as Lorna Thomas touched the softer side of the audience with Bonny Away – a beautifully composed track which poses a strong resemblance to Imelda May’s Kentish Town.

With the curfew been and gone, the band went off stage before coming back for the highlight of the show, This Is War, with the close-to-capacity venue, screaming in unison: “We’ve all got something that we’re fighting for!”

Despite their heavy heads as they came on, this was a show to behold, and with the post-show audience reaction, the word is only going to spread for a band who are one of the best live acts on the road at the minute. If you missed last night’s show, they have another two weeks on the road, and this is definitely a show worth catching.

Adam Keys