They’re back out on the road after yet another trip to their adopted country Finland and now New Generation Superstars are deadly serious about cracking the UK.

With a raft of good time sleaze rock and roll tunes under the belts and too many sold out shows to mention then this really should be their time.

If you haven’t checked them out yet then what on earth have you been doing? We caught up with one of our tips for the top for 2010. rushonrock: You’ve just come back from Finland’s Trash Fest 2010 and Scandinavia seems like it’s good to you?

AJ: It has been has been a great place for us so far and we intend to spend a lot of time there in the future. We went back over there before Christmas and there were a lot more people came out to see us than we expected. It went down so well and we were invited to go back and play Trashfest 2010. We’re hoping to do a full tour of Finland later this year.

rushonrock: Why have NGS been such a big hit in Finland?

David: We play music and drink beer. That’s our mantra and they love that over there.

AJ: Not necessarily in that order though!

David: Yeah. It’s just party, party, party. We heard all about the booze cruise they do over there and usually it’s mayhem. It just so happens we did it midweek when it was all truckers and old women. So it wasn’t quite rock and roll. But we still managed to be rock and roll and get wankered.

AJ: In the morning we woke up and thought ‘let’s get some breakfast’. Everyone was rushing about and we’d slept through the ship docking. Our car with all the kit on was blocking everyone in and nobody could get ashore.

rushonrock: Once you did escape the ferry what was the best bit about playing the rock clubs of Finland?

David: The after-show parties were pretty crazy. AJ the rock star and singer had to go to every one and managed three hours sleep the whole weekend. They like their drink and they like their parties in Finland – the shows were just one part of the whole package. It’s just amazing.

AJ: The people are fantastic and so welcoming. They just love the music.

David: The titty bars are rubbish though.

rushonrock: Back home and you’re racking up the high profile support slots with a whole load of blasts from the late 80s/early 90s past.

AJ: “We enjoyed the dates we played with Vain before Christmas. They’re nice guys. We’re very lucky – we’ve made a connection with Vain, LA Guns and Love/Hate and we get to use their audiences to promote what we’re doing.

rushonrock: And how’s the new material coming on?

Chris: We’re always writing when we’re on the road. We’ve got two albums under our belts but we’re always looking ahead. The latest album has been out for around six months now but we’re still finding a new audience. We’re hitting Germany and Spain soon and world domination beckons. You get a different vibe on the continent. I think foreign audiences really appreciate any British band heading over to their country. We do get spoiled over here with the number of bands who tour regularly from all over the world. It doesn’t happen elsewhere.

rushonrock: But the UK will always be your priority?

AJ: The fan base is building in the UK and we’re all about gigging so hopefully it will grow and grow. The thing which makes us work is that we all come at this from different backgrounds. But we all have a few bands in common like Motley Crue and Kiss and when we’re writing that’s why it flows. And that’s why we’re so comfortable on stage.

rushonrock: So what does the future hold?

Tony: We don’t have a lot of money so we have to keep playing. It’s as simple as that. We do what we can. We rock hard and party even harder.

AJ: The only problem with the UK – and there are a lot of good bands out there – is like we were saying before: people are spoilt for choice. You can go out and watch a good rock gig almost every night. So we go out of our way to be a bit better than that and make sure that the fans who do come out to see us are made to feel a part of what we’re doing. We spend time talking to our fans, we tour up and down the country and one day that might pay off. We’re just four guys playing rock and roll and the only way we survive is because of fans and friends helping us out.

Chris: You can’t get into this for the money. As soon as you start thinking that way you die.

AJ: We’re lucky and we’re very rarely out of pocket. We cover the bills but we’re realists – we get to play rock and roll and people come to see us. If we can get by on that then that’s all we can ask for. We’ve never lost focus of what we’re doing.

rushonrock: Is the live arena still your main focus?

Chris: The main tour we did of the UK last time almost all of the other bands have split up. You can lose focus if you stop thinking about the value of the live show.

Tony: That’s what we’re all about. We didn’t even set out with any ideas about an album. We put out at EP and then thought sod it we’ll do an album. We just sort of did it. It wasn’t a masterplan. It just happened. Of course we’d love it to go double platinum one day…