Prove your humanity

Reacting to the phenomenal success of last year’s Where The Wild Things Are, our favourite axe slinger is releasing the companion CD in April.

In the year that Slash releases his long awaited solo record old stager Steve Vai is determined the former Gunner doesn’t grab all the glory.

And Where The Other Wild Things Are pulls together the tracks which featured on last year’s DVD but didn’t make the audio-only cut. “The original CD release consisted of songs from the concert DVD that had never been released in a live format before,” explained Vai. “It’s a robust CD!  The other songs that were performed at the concert but were not released on the CD were burning a hole in the hard drive and beckoning me for the light of day.

“So I thought, even though these songs have been released in live versions with other bands from the past, my new band gives them a whole new life.

“And we decided to release a second disc that contains all the tracks that were not on the first disc.  And there you have it: Where the Other Wild Things Are. And it’s even ‘robuster’ than the first one.” Or should that be ‘more robust’? Anyway we get the idea.

Where The Other Wild Things Are hits stores on April 13 via Vai’s own Favored Nations label. Look out for a full review here on the eve of its release.