qboysdontQuireboys – I Don’t Love You Anymore (Gray/Bailey) b/w Mayfair (Gray/Bailey) 1990

By virtue of a rather fetching red rose shaped picture disc, the Quireboys enjoy the rare distinction of hitting The Vinyl Countdown twice – but they can’t quite manage to bag the top spot.

This teary ballad showcased singer Spike’s full vocal range and was perfect for an era when the bigger the emotion and the bigger the production the better.

Apart from the unique cut of this seven incher, the real treat for fans is the original version of Mayfair on the B-side. A classic track harking back to Spike’s childhood days in Newcastle it’s still a great party tune in 2009.

This might have been released at a time when the Quireboys were at their commercial peak, and under the management of Sharon Osbourne, but don’t think these guys are ones to rest on their laurels.

Working harder than ever the band’s latest album, Halfpenny Dancer, sees a move towards Americana and the acoustic sound suits the band brilliantly. But if I Don’t Love You More is more your bag then catch the guys playing it live throughout December on their A Bit Of What You Fancy 20th anniversary tour!