FasterPussycatWith less than a week to go before Vain visit Trillians the same team responsible for that rocktastic return have lined up two more of glam’s genuine heavyweights.

North East-based promoters Electric Kicks are serving up a deliciously sleazy double header with Faster Pussycat and Enuff Z’ Nuff checking into Legends on February 12.

Taime Downe’s Pussycat are promising a rollercoaster ride through the band’s greatest hits and if they play everything from 1987’s Wake Me When It’s Over we’ll be happy enough.

Tickets for next Wednesday’s Vain gig are still on sale and if you’re undecided then support act New Generation Superstars make the night well worth checking out.

Look out for the review here first and expect more news on Faster Pussycat and Euff Z’Nuff in the new year.