venom rising_innergateSelf-styled Satanist and adopted Geordie Cronos might have crafted some of the most brutal music in heavy metal history but he’s just a normal bloke who loves nothing better than a Friday night curry in North Shields. Honest.

In our latest look into the off-stage lives of rock’s biggest names we get an invaluable insight into what makes the founder member of Venom tick. And there’s no mention of sheep’s blood, rutualistic sacrifice or any of that business…

On your iPod: I’ve just had to take a load of rap stuff out of the car stereo but it’s nothing to do with me. I try to listen to all of the CDs that I get sent – and I get sent a lot of CDs! Bands from all over the world send me their stuff, especially bands from South America. The best one I’ve got right now is from a really impressive band called Imperial Vengeance. They’re like World War II Metal.

Small Screen Pleasure: I don’t get the chance to watch TV. I’m too busy working.

Making a meal of it: It would have to be a phal curry. There’s a great place I go to on Saville Street in North Shields. Delicious.

Drivetime: You know I’ve never been into flash cars. I’ve got an Astra. But I remember when Mantas bought a really flashy motor – I think it was a Lotus.

Ace place: Holland has to be the country of my dreams.

Dream destination: It would have to be somewhere in South America. Say Columbia or Peru. We played Brazil in 1987 and it was amazing.

Nickname shame: Wolfgang Plug With A Rubber Lug. I wonder why…