saxonSaxon – I Can’t Wait Anymore (Byford/Quinn/Oliver) b/w Broken Heroes (Live In Madrid) (Byford/Dawson) 1988

You can never own enough pouch packs as far as we’re concerned and this little slipcase of delights had it all.

A large colour poster, numbered discography and, of course, the standout single from hit album Destiny.

Does it get any better for fans of vinyl and the NWOBHM? We really don’t think so.

Saxon, of course, are not renowned for their softer moments but this beefy ballad was the natural follow up to their cover of Ride Like The Wind and maintained the band’s push for MTV recognition.

I Can’t Wait Anymore isn’t Biff Byford at his most comfortable but it’s a decent enough stab at a new era of commercialism and it deserved more than a lowly 71 on the UK singles chart. Incredibly, however, this is the last Saxon single to make an impression on the charts over here and the band never enjoyed a US top 40 hit.

Of course such things barely matter to one of the giants of the NWOBHM and these days Saxon are back as major players on the live scene. New album Into The Labyrinth is old school metal at its very best and be sure to catch Biff and his buddies on the road this autumn.