paradise lostThey’ve been knocking about for some time now but like a vintage wine it seems the band named after Milton’s most famous opus only get better with age.

Yes, British goth metal faves Paradise Lost are building up to the Septmeber release of the highly anticipated Faith Divides Us – Death Unites Us and as a taster they’ve stuck opening track As Horizons End on their MySpace page. It’s doom laden and dangerous but then what else would you expect from a band known for their aural dramatics?

Vocalist Nick Holmes explained: “The song’s about someone who’s on a downward spiral. Working too hard and trying to claw back some positive spirit by participating in all the so-called joyous occasions in life, socialising and networking but to no avail. The long days have crushed the soul till only disappointment and cynicism remains.

“This song was inspired by the thousands of dishevelled looking middle aged businessmen I see in airports each year. This track has had a dozen facelifts since its inception and in true fashion, it was never intended to be the first track. Once it was mixed though it was hard to imagine any other song opening the album.”

Guitarist Greg Mackintosh added: “The whole point to this song was to capture a feeling of foreboding. Like when a thunderstorm is approaching. All the chord progressions are supposed to give an ominous sense of dread. The mid section lulls you into thinking that you’re safe only to discover there is much bigger storm on the horizon.”

Not the ideal soundtrack to the summer then…but if you like your music deep and disturbing go to

That’s where you’ll find the brand new tune and the album is released via Century Media on September 28.