This Day



Ignite backstory

Ignite burst out of Orange County, California in 1993 and quickly became one of the most respected acts in melodic hardcore, thanks to their political diatribes, anthemic songs and in frontman Zoli Teglas, one of the finest voices in the scene.

Teglas, however, left the band in 2020 and was replaced by Eli Santana of Pasadena metallers Holy Grail.

The quintet’s new line-up debuted on their 2021 EP, Anti-Complicity Anthem… and This Day is taken from their forthcoming self-titled new album.

In Ignite’s own words

Vocalist Eli Santana said: “This Day, a hopeful call for unity, is an unfiltered, disheartened reaction to the teeming racial tensions of the last couple years.”

Commenting on Ignite’s forthcoming new album, bassist Brett Rasmussen, said: “A lot of hard work went into this album and this is the happiest I have felt about an Ignite album in a long time.

“It feels incredible to work this hard on a project and see the entire plan come together as anticipated.”

The verdict on This Day

Eli Santana had big sneakers to fill when he joined Ignite.

But the singer showed his mettle on Anti-Complicity Anthem and his passion simply pours out of This Day.

The song itself is typical Ignite.

It’s sharp, poignant and bears a powerful message, and shows the band have lost none of their fiery spirit since their last full-length, A War Against You, hit in 2016.

On the evidence of This Day and previous singles On The Ropes and The River, fans upset by Teglas’ departure had no need to worry…

What’s next for Ignite?

Ignite’s seventh opus will be released via Century Media on March 25.

The band are touring extensively through the US in spring, and are hitting a slew of European festivals this summer, including Summer Madness in Germany and Alcatraz Festival in Belgium.