def-lepp-collenHe’s going to be one of the busiest men in rock in 2009 but after safely negotiating this month’s Download double header, axe hero Phil Collen looks full of beans and ready for the challenge.

The Def Leppard dude looks just as classy fronting side project Man Raze and is proving what those in the know already knew – there’s more to this crafty Cockney than meets the eye. And there’s even more if you read on…

On your iPod: Well here’s a pretty eclectic mix for you – right now I’m listening to Jamie Foxx, Lady GaGa and the Kings Of Leon.  

Small screen pleasure: I’ve really got into Lost. I Loved the series just gone. I’m a big fan of Prison Break and I’ve always got time for CSI. Me and my girlfriend like the original best. I love Vegas and always have.

Making A Meal Of It: I’m a vegetarian and I love Indian food. But I’d also say my girlfriend is the best cook in the world. We grow things in the graden at home in California and the next thing I know they’re on the table. It’s brilliant food and I still lose weight. 

Drivetime: I’ve just been driving around in a Nissan Micra but it’s not my car – I want to make that clear. At home I drive an Aston Martin convertible.

Ace Place: I love New Zealand and just can’t get enough of the South Island. We’ve been there twice in the last year and it’s a beautiful place. 

Dream Destination: I think I’ve done them all. As a band we’ve never really done mainland China so I suppose that would be one place to tick off the list which appeals to me.

Nickname Shame: I’m afraid I didn’t really have one. Or nobody said it to my face anyway.