great-whiteGreat White continue to produce some of the most polished classic rock on the planet and new album Rising remains one of rushonrock‘s fave releases of 2009.

So it’s about time we delve into the personal life of charismatic frontman Jack Russell and discover just what makes the singer tick. And this is one revealing voyage of discovery…

On your iPod: Right now I’m listening to a combination of the Beatles and Billy Bragg.

Small screen pleasure: I watch everything I can on the History Channel and the Discovery Channel and I love nothing more than watching the BBC. I’m a big fan of shows like Blackadder and Fawlty Towers. Superb stuff.

Making A Meal Of It: You know what, nothing beats Sushi. I love it.

Drivetime: Here’s one for you! I drive a new style Mini Cooper. I had an original English-built 1982 model with a Union Jack on top and it was even right hand drive. I loved it and I love the new one too.

Ace Place: Any stage I’ve been fortunate to perform upon.

Dream Destination: The next stage, wherever that may be.

Nickname Shame: I don’t have one and never did have one. Sorry about that.