robin-beck-3It’s not the first time but the third time as rushonrock‘s ever-popular Rider returns with another sneak peak at a hot rock celeb and exactly what goes on behind closed doors.

For Coke addict and mum-of-one Robin Beck it doesn’t get wilder than a night in watching her fave TV shows and digging out a slice of classic rock to slap on the CD player. Or at least that’s what she told us.

On your iPod: I’m listening to Jellyfish, Simon & Garfunkel, Kelly Clarkson, Rolling Stones, Beatles, Beyonce, House Of Lords and Robin Beck. I sound good right now! But the record I’m gonna buy next is Tesla’s Forever More – because rushonrock loves it.

Small screen pleasure: Sex & The City, any News, Everybody Loves Ray, House. Oh, and the occasional soft drink ad…

Making A Meal Of It: Sushi always hits the mark. Like my rock, I love my fish raw.

Drivetime: I drive a very racy little number.

Ace Place: I love Italy. I don’t think there’s a better place in the world for food, art and romance. 

Dream Destination: You know, I’d love to explore France more in the future. And China’s a bit of an open book for me. 

Nickname Shame: Short Stop. Or this guy Robbie used to call me Mokey. Whatever Mokey means. Does anybody have a clue?