download-poster-newOne of the brightest new bands to emerge on the Britrock scene in the past two years, the super-cool Stone Gods are the perfect choice to open Download 2009’s main stage.

Risen from the ashes of The Darkness, the vibrant four-piece play classic rock with a twist – reminiscent of Thunder, Little Angels and Terrorvision at their peak almost 20 years ago.

Like those bands before them hopes are high that the Gods will live up to their name and lead a new generation of UK acts into Europe, America and beyond. Donington next month is a great place to start that bid for global domination and here’s all you need to know about the rushonrock faves.

Name: Stone Gods

Formed: 2006

Home Town: Norwich/Birmingham

Essential Track: Start Of Something (2008)

Essential Album: Silver Spoons And Broken Dreams (2008)

Secret Weapon: Half of The Darkness.

Why Download: If you’re looking for a band to kick off Classic Rock Sunday in style then there’s no better act on the live circuit now. Their heady mix of singalong anthems, boundless enthusiasm and incredible energy make Stone Gods perfect festival material.

Live Rating: 8/10 Small back catalogue, big ambition.

Achilles Heel: Yet to be identified.