giant-resizeGiant – Stay (Remix) (Huff/Pasqua/Stephenson) b/w Get Used To It (Huff/Stephenson/Naish) 1992

Two cracking hair metal albums and one massive hit single ensured Giant etched their name into MTV-friendly rock history at a time when the genre outperformed every other kind of rock.

If you can imagine a US band boasting perfectly styled hair, superbly chiselled features, glorous guitar solos and cringetastic choruses then this is that act. When 1990 single I’ll See You In My Dreams cracked the Billboard top 20 it seemed Dan Huff and his vehicle for soft metal superstardom were set for take off but Giant’s time at the top was all  too brief.

By the time the soaraway Stay was unleashed three years later the band’s influence was already waning and this perfectly polished piece of pop rock failed to dent charts anywhere. Better than the bulk of tunes across Giant’s acclaimed Last Of The Runaways, this stunning ballad nevertheless sank without trace before resurfacing in the bargain bins of Britain and elsewhere.

Mixed at London’s Mayfair studios the only criticism of Stay is that it is most definitely a record of its time. Yet that time has come again and a resurgence of interest in classy AOR could give Giant a much-needed shot in the arm 22 years after they first sent record execs rushing to open chequebooks across the US.