temppekresizeBrummie rockers Templeton Pek have promised to tour the North East again soon after accidently missing off our neck of the woods ahead of next month’s Kill This Sound tour.

And because they’re one of the best young bands we’ve heard in ages we’ve agreed to forgive Neal and his mates just this once. But they’ve been warned. And if you still need a fix of the thumping three piece then all is not lost with new EP Kill This Sound (see what they’ve done with the tour name there?) hitting your favourite stores and online outlets from April 6.

Now any band named after the bloke who played The Face in seminal 80s drama The A-Team deserves your listening attention and if you like your guitar growl hewn from the same angst rock as Hundred Reasons and Lostprophets then you’ll love the ‘Pek.

“We’ll be back in the North East just as soon as we can and we’ll be on the look out for some good local talent to play with us,” said singer Neal. “That’s what we tend to do – rather than book one band for the whole tour we scout around for the best bands in the towns and cities we’re playing.”

For a full interview with the bass-playing, chorus screaming frontman of Templeton Pek check out rushonrock next week. We bring you the big names as well as the new names – but these boys should be both.