It  might be one of the daftest band names we’ve heard in ages but Nico’s Alchemy could well have served up one of the albums of 2009 in the shape of retro classic Fundamental Darkness.

Landing at rushonrock earlier this week we couldn’t resist slapping it in the CD player and what we discovered was a 70s-inspired gem of a release fusing elements of Deep Purple, Rainbow and Zeppelin with a dazzling array of guitar wizardry.

Main man Nico Tamburella is no spring chicken but after flirting with success during the past two decades it seems the guitar hero could finally have his day. Vocalist Candido is a perfect fit for the axe maestro’s sweeping melodies and stunning solos and if you can get past the name then this a band worth looking out for this year.

Out on Dirty Dog Records on February 23, Fundamental Darkness deserves a fair crack of the music buying public’s whip and we’ll be serving up a suitably positive review right here next month. If, like us, you’ve never heard of the boy Nico or his technically gifted band before then it’s time to wise up. This truly is wonderful stuff and right up our classic rock street.