Def Leppard’s Phil Collen has poured cold water on the view that 2008 has been a vintage year for rock – after taking a swipe at the so-called big guns who blasted back following years in the wilderness.

The Londoner was back in his home town this week in ebullient mood prior to Monday’s long-awaited UK release of Surreal by Man Raze – Collen’s eclectic side project featuring Sex Pistols’ Paul Cook and Girl bass guru Simon Laffy.

But he told rushonrock: “I’m really proud of what Leppard have done this year and Songs From The Sparkle Lounge has been a big success at a time when a lot of big bands have brought out new records.

“But you can’t compare Def Leppard to AC/DC or Guns N Roses because we’ve never been away. We’ve been working hard, writing records and touring for 25 years unlike some bands.”

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