It’s time to go back to the future on rushonrock and this week we’re taking a look at the heavier stuff in the shape of Bay Area thrash legends Death Angel. Often overlooked but potentially better than Metallica, these guys really rocked…and still do!

Now…2008: Killing Season (Nuclear Blast) proved there was still plenty of life left in the old thrash beast as Death Angel followed up 2004’s The Art Of Dying with a record which better reflected their talents as purveyors of very loud and yet truly melodic thrash metal.

In a year when Metallica and Trivium would both grab the headlines with thumping new releases, this varied album fell by the wayside and yet it remains one of rushonrock‘s records of the year.

Mixing the trademark power of DA’s renowned rhythm section with vocal sections which fully showcase singer Mark Osegueda’s magnificent range, it’s a sensational return to top form. 

Tracks like Lord Of Hate and The Noose grip the listener with their sheer intensity but album closer Resurrection Machine offers the best evidence yet that DA are back in a very big way. It’s classic thrash with an epic feel and stands out as the key track on this landmark release.

rushonrock rated: 8/10 Killing Time

…And Then 1990: Act III (Geffen) is often viewed by fans of the thrash genre as inferior to 1988’s Frolic Through The Park and yet it boasts some of the best heavy metal writing you’ll ever come across as Death Angel mature into a genuinely frightening music machine.

The atmopsheric opener Seemingly Endless Time sticks long and hard in the memory but things get bigger, better and more bombastic as the record develops. Max Norman’s production brings the best out of the band and A Room With A View is as good as anything any of DA’s thrash peers produced – Metallica included.

The very term thrash might put off the average rushonrock reader but we don’t care how loud a record is as long as it rocks. And there are enough unique melodies and hummable hooks scattered across Act III to make even the most hardened sceptic sit up and take notice.

If you fancy dipping in then try Veil Of Deception for size. It’s track number three and it is an all encompassing DA song which should have you demanding more. If not then what the hell’s wrong with ya!!!

rushonrock rated: 9/10 Act Of God