It’s that time of the week again when we look ahead to tomorrow’s key rock releases and of course there’s only one record which will dominate the next seven days. Yes, AC/DC’s Black Ice hits stores on Monday and rushonrock will mark the return of our favourite Aussies with a week of DC-related material. In the meantime here’s the rest of the albums bound to get overlooked in the rush for all things Antipodean…

Dear Superstar – Heartless (DR2)

Glance at the publicity shots of these super cool dudes and you’ll see Iron Maiden tees, emo-style hair and enough tatooes to cover a billboard. Listen to Heartless and you could be checking out the bastard son of Bullet For My Valentine, Motley Crue and Hanoi Rocks – which is the first reason to buy this smorgasboard of guitar-fuelled mayhem.

The second is that one day soon these revivalist glamsters could be massive and to say you bought into them at the beginning will be pretty cool. Supporting the Rocks this autumn should consolidate their reputation and open up the eyes and ears of a crowd surely craving the next generation of sleazy sons-of-bitches.

Frontman Mickay Satiar will have the world at his feet once Dear Superstar do hit the big league and did we mention that amazing cover…in our view you just can’t beat a string of retro pearls.

rushonrock rated: 7/10 Dear Oh Dear

ohGr – Devils In My Details (SPV)

If you ever came across former Skinny Puppy frontman Nivek Ogre there’s a chance you’ll either turn away now or read on with delight as we lift the lid on the new record by the project formed in 2001.

Ogre has always polarised opinion in the rock world with some shying away from his obsession with bass-heavy electro beats and others lapping up an unconventional approach to hard rock. In an age when Pendulum and Innerpartysystem continue to set frightening new standards this is one band which can compete with the very best.

Ogre and sidekick Mark Walk have managed to produce an album both light-hearted and deeply disturbing, challenging and user friendly. Tracks like opener Shhh and the catchy Timebomb eat away at your brain until you can’t help coming back for more.

We are doing and it’s driving us crazy!

rushonrock rated: 6/10 Devils Music

I Hate Kate – Embrace The Curse (DR2)

The second newie of the week from our favourite Tyneside label and Demolition bosses Ged and Eric are hoping for big things from these All-American pop rocksters.

Already more than cult favourites in their home country, the Californians are adept at penning catchy guitar anthems not dissimilar to 3 Colours Red or Green Day on a mellow day. Single and title track Embrace The Curse has already enjoyed some reasonably heavy radio rotation across the world but there are even better songs hidden away here.

Gaining favour on the rushonrock decks are devilish ditty I’m In Love With A Sociopath and the rather fetching Story I Can’t Write ( and we’ve all had a few of them over the years). There is a market for young men like this but it’s getting them out there that’s the problem. Over to you DR2…

rushonrock rated: 7/10 Embrace The Kates