Ondt Blod – Natur (Fysisk Format)

Genre: Hardcore

Non-English language bands can take two paths: they can stay true to their local roots and sing in their tongue or convert to English. Ondt Blod have taken the former path.

And that makes total sense when you consider that they are driven by a strong desire to see the indigenous Samir people of Norway better represented. Anything else would be a betrayed of their cause.

By mixing the finer nuances of Blood Command with the ball-busting, brain pounding volume of Kvelertak, Ondt Blod have expanded their horizons and brought a cause that many didn’t even know existed into the limelight.

It doesn’t even matter that they’re not signing in English. Good music and catchy tunes will always find a way to cut through the language barrier, as Rammstein have proved for the last two decades.

The Scandinavians have found an exhilarating balance by mixing pop choruses that have an insatiable hook with earth shattering hardcore. Can a band who can do both.

Single Unge Kniva (Young Knives) is one of these songs. It’s an instantly catchy tune that sees singer Aslak Heika Hætta Bjørn blasting lyrics with all the passion you’d expect from a song about crashing the system.

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Natur was produced by Yngve Andersen, who has previously worked with Blood Command, and that influence shines through on Med Ulver – which uses their format of high energy, fast paced guitar and drums that are interspaced with musical interludes and calmed down, melodic vocals. It all makes for compelling music and complements the Norweigan language in a wonderful, flowing way.

Ondt Blood have got some pedigree behind them as they were nominated as newcomer of the year for their debut record Finnmark. They’ve handled the pressure with ease and created a followup that flows seamlessly, blends genres without any bumps in the road and is instantly repeatable.

RUSHONROCK RATED: 8/10 Ondt the rise