PENGSHUi are walking a new path but they aren’t doing it alone. The band are building on the work and sounds of Enter Shikari, Crossfaith and Astroid Boys but they’re doing it as they’ve always done – their own way.

Similarities in the music world are everywhere if you look hard enough, but there’s no cockroach hiding under this sofa. More like bundles of cash and your best childhood memory.

The mashup of grime and heavy music makes sense in more ways than one. Grime is the new punk, says vocalist Illaman. And PENGSHUi have loads to say, they’re just spitting bars over the top of a riff and bring a frantic energy to the whole thing.

Fittingly for a band that bends and melts music to its will, the three members are from as diverse backgrounds as you can imagine. Drummer Pravvy Prav was born in Dubai and started DJing at 17, in between playing death metal shows. Illaman grew up influenced by his Jamaican gradparents and reggae base lines, while guitarist Fatty hails from Blackpool and studied jazz before getting hooked on bass music.

Album opener Wickedest One doesn’t hold back as it introduces us to their brilliant world. It’s fast, it’s clever and it combines all the best elements of this unique sound.

And you can feel those past experiences melting into one throughout the album. Blame and Wiseman are drum and bass heavy as it combines a classic grime feel with something from early Chase and Status.

No Joke is structured like a big metal hit with its catchy breakdown and Illaman spitting out the chorus like it’s poison on his lips

PENGSHUi have only been around for a year but the already sound slick, polished and ready to take on the world. They’ve got big fans, big plans and a big sound that’s instantly compelling. It’s hard to not pay attention.