Silverstein – Dead Reflection (Rise Records)

Genre: Post-Hardcore

Silverstein might be considered post-hardcore heavy hitters, but their eighth full length album is a varied collection of hard rock deliciousness.

Any band that reaches this milestone in their career has to be doing something right – and while some burn bright and die young, Silverstein have set the template for those wishing for quality and quantity.

The Ontario outfit have packed Dead Reflections full of aggressive riffs, catchy hooks and infectious lyrics – in fact, they’ve covered all their basis and produced an album that any metalhead should be proud to have among their collection.

Last Looks sets the tone for the preceding 11 songs with a growling, groove laden spirit that could have come straight out of a While She Sleeps, Bury Tomorrow, Funeral For A Friend love triangle before Retrograde is a more classically post-hardcore grumbler of a tune that packs a twist at the end.

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After 17 years you’d be forgiven for thinking that fatigue might set in, but Silverstein are on top of their game with an album that has real meaning behind it. Dead Reflection tells the story of how signer Shane Told fought his way back to sanity and happiness after finding himself at a real low.

That angst comes through loud and clear on Ghost, a real tubthumper of a tune with a big noise and even bigger lyrics about betrayal and struggling to let go of the past.

And while Whiplash is the second last song on the record, it’s one of the best and those who listen to Dead Reflections in its entirety will be well rewarded for their patience. It’s probably one of the most aggressive on the whole LP. It’s a proper rollercoaster of a track that builds throughout the chorus before breaking its chains in spectacular fashion.

The secret to a long career varies for a lot of bands, but Silverstein have struck up a winning formula over the course of their eight albums. Long may it continue.

RUSHONROCK RATED: 8/10 Silver? This is the gold standard.


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