Jagged Vision – Death Is This World (Fysisk Format)

Genre – Metal

Since their humble beginnings, Jagged Vision has become a force to be reckoned with after hailing from the brutal Scandinavian underground scene.

The competition in Norway for metal acts is harsh, but Jagged Vision has burst through onto the main stain with their unrelenting, skull shattering sound that simply personifies aggression.

From the album’s opener Betrayer, Jagged Vision comes at you with full force. This is thrash metal at its most aggressive. There’s no easing the audience in. It just comes at you at full force. Racing guitars, skill splitting drumming and a venomous growl that is full of bite – this track is not for the faint hearted.

If the sheer aggression of the opener is not to your taste, it won’t get any easier. Betrayer is quite possibly the softest number on the first half of the album, despite its power. Death Is This World and I Am Death take the dark, bitter aggression a new intensity.

These tracks are so heavy, so powerful and so metal that it will scare many away. There’s no variety in sounds. These tracks, like the majority of the album, just sees varying degrees of heavy – from very heavy to temple tearing heavy, which makes it difficult to decipher as there is no room to breathe.

Seven Seals and Serpents continue with the ragged approach, with the exception of added feedback, making both tracks seem like a genuine wall of noise. This non-stop hardcore metal approach combined with the lack of variety throughout makes the album a tough listen.

Vocally there is no break from growls and creams. Add this aggressive sound to the musular sonic approach and you’ve got an album that works wonders in an underground metal club, but on record it doesn’t quite have the same appeal.

Solo riddled Forlorn is probably the exception to the rest of the album. The traditional metal sounds on offer break the repetitiveness of Ole Urke Wik’s vocals, which become extremely tiring after a few tracks. The track offers something different to its neighbours, it is no different to anything you haven’t heard before.

RUSHONROCK RATED – 5/10 Too brash, too brutal and lacking any form of melody