@Northumbria University 16th February 2017

30 years on from the release of Among The Living, Anthrax are still as popular than ever, as Thursday night’s sold out show at Northumbria University will testify to.

The show itself was an unusual one for the band. They are, as Belladonna put it, ‘not usually the kind of band to play a university.’
Nor are they the kind of band to dwell on the past. From their early nineties collaborations with Public Enemy to their genre progressing sounds, Anthrax like their fellow members of the big four have pioneered and progressed thrash metal continuously throughout their close to forty year career.
That all changed on this tour. It was an opportunity to appreciate what they’ve achieved. An opportunity to treat the fans to their favourite songs, even if there was room for a couple of exciting new numbers.
From A.I.R. to Madhouse, Joey Belladonna controlled the audience with the stare Alice Cooper adopted ten years before Anthrax were formed, giving a commanding performance that earned him a rest 45 minutes in.

Belladonna’s showmanship was equally matched by the charisma of Scott Ian, who’s mastery of thrash guitar and sheer passion for the genre is a shining example to any young act trying to break through.
With classics like Be All End All out of the way in the first half, Anthrax stepped it up further in the second half with a ferocious set dedicated to their legendary album, as they riffled through showstoppers like One World and A Skeleton In The Closet, before exiting to Long Live Rock and Roll.
Northumbria University may have been an unlikely venue for one of the big four to play, but the up close and sweaty approach was one that was fully appreciated by the Thursday night crowd.
Megadeath better bring their A game next month on their headline shows next month, or Anthrax (supporting) may very well show them up!