The mere mention of a limited edition marbled purple and red vinyl was enough to tickle our fancy even before we’d heard the music!

But a sneak preview of Primal Rock Rebellion’s much anticipated debut proves there’s substance as well as style underpinning the new project featuring Iron Maiden guitar hero Adrian Smith and ex-Sikth frontman Mikee Goodman.

We’ve been lucky enough to grab a copy of Awoken Broken and it rocks – just as you would expect it to such is the pedigree of the band’s big name core.

New single No Place Like Home is out now as a strictly limited 10 inch vinyl release and Goodman said: “Basically, No Place Like Home is a song about escapism. 

“As you can see from the video, the verses are about someone going into a city, and all they see is darkness, negativity and despair.

“It’s about feeling really claustrophobic and wanting to go somewhere else – somewhere magical, somewhere that probably doesn’t exist. I think a lot of people have that in their lives at certain stages. So it’s saying, ‘There’s no place like home – but it ain’t here!’”

Awoken Broken is an 11-track behemoth produced by Smith and Goodman and due out on February 27th via Spinefarm.

In addition to a digital download the album is released in two Limited Edition formats – a Deluxe Digi CD and a double marbled purple and red vinyl in gatefold sleeve.

A free download track of the album track, I See Lights, can be found on as well as a link to the video for No Place Like Home.

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  •' Chris R.

    Positive vibe and a nice mini-review! Will you do a full review of Awoken Broken and, if so, when? Thanks.

    • simon

      Album reviews are normally on the eve of release Chris. So I think that’ll be Feb 26. We run a full reviews section every Sunday called New Music…I reckon this one could be the Album Of The Week.

  •' Chris R.

    Thanks, Simon. After some intense web-crawling, I was able to find a site that had 30-second clips for each song and . . . WOW!!! Yep, anticipation is very high. What little I heard was so full of diverse, and delicious, guitar tones that I am almost out of my skin with excitement! The chorus on “Awoken Broken” had a sound I don’t think I’ve ever heard from Adrian. As well, the jangly verse of “Tortured Tone” was another pleasant surprise. I’ll be watching for your full review on the 24th. Cheers!

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