Kill The King


Killington Pit

Killington Pit backstory

Trad metal throwback Killington Pit was born of the pandemic.

The members connected during the lockdown and began recording together.

Friendships grew and a core band formed with Terry LeRoi, Will Hunt, Troy McLawhorn and Chuck Garric joing forces and locking in.

The band’s first single was released in August 2023 and their crushing cover of Accept’s Balls To The Wall boasts more than 900,000 streams on Spotify and 250,000-plus views on YouTube.

Guitarist Stef Burns (Alice Cooper/Huey Lewis & The News) and vocalist/guitarist Jeff Blando (Slaughter/Lynch Mob/Vince Neil) bolstered the ranks for the Kill The King cover.

In Terry LeRoi’s own words:

“Recording Kill The King was an incredible experience.

“We were fortunate enough to have two insanely talented special guests on this recording — Stef Burns and Jeff Blando!

“It really was a privilege working with everyone on this.

“I’ve always been a huge fan of the Blackmore/Dio Rainbow era and paying tribute to that band and those musicians is a true honour. 

Kill The King is a legendary track and was one of our first choices as we were assembling our collection of songs for the Killington Pit covers album.

“I had read some past articles where Ronnie explained the song was inspired by the game of chess.

“That then inspired us to create a video that we hope Ronnie would’ve loved and the fans of Rainbow will truly enjoy!”

The verdict on Kill The King

A crack band of trad metal acolytes and industry vets ready to unleash a volley of post-pandemic, pent up frustration.

A riff-heavy classic representing the very best of a legendary partnership.

And enough fantastical imagery and lyrical heft to inspire a magical audio-visual treat.

What could possibly go wrong?

The answer is nothing at all.

Killington Pit have followed up their abrasive cover of Balls To The Ball with another brilliant take on a truly special track.

LeRoi’s grandstanding vocal pays due tribute to the late, great Ronnie James Dio.

And the dual axe work of Troy McLawhorn and special guest Burns evokes peak Ritchie Blackmore.

As for the video? No spoilers here. It’s that good.

Kill The King’s been covered to death. But Killington Pit have raised the bar.

What’s next for Killington Pit

LeRoi has promised 2024 will be a big year for Killington Pit.

The trad metal devotees are set to release a full covers album and tease original material for the first time.

The band is working on a global tour itinerary with summer festival dates in the works.