Nobody’s Fool


This House We Built

This House We Built backstory

Earlier this summer we described This House We Built’s punchy Call Of The Wild performance as ‘one of the most dynamic sets of a deliciously unpredictable weekend’.

With Rushonrock’s interest well and truly piqued we dug deeper to find out more about the Scarborough quartet.

And who knew these hard rocking heroes are only four years into a career that’s bursting with riff-laden promise?

Because it sounds like they’ve been belting out steel-plated anthems for decades.

This House We Built’s blistering debut album was released earlier this year.

And Danny Vaughn’s just one of the big names throwing his weight behind the best band out of North Yorkshire since Little Angels.

The US star’s patronage has led to a string of dates supporting Tyketto later this year.

But if the music’s not enough then the band also boasts its own line in ale.

This Beer We Built is shamelessly plugged throughout the Nobody’s Fool video.

But if it tastes half as good as Scott Wardell and co. sound then order us a crate!

In frontmam Scott Wardell’s own words

“This song started off as a riff from our guitarist Andy Jackson.

“Between us, we would send each other ‘ditties’ recorded on our phones at various times of the day when we felt inspired.

“Having a ‘bag of riffs’ made things a little easier sometimes when trying to get a base for a song.

“The lyrics came from a little story that I had in my head about when we were young lads going out on the town.

“It’s about being all fired up and eventually catching the wrong woman’s eye, leading you down a road you didn’t intend to follow that evening. 

“I’m sure we’ve all had one of those nights in our lives, haven’t we?

“Anyway, turn it up to 11 and enjoy the ride!”

The verdict on Nobody’s Fool

Hang on a minute!

Have This House We Built just gone and covered the Cinderella classic from 1986’s Night Songs?

Er, no. 

But the ‘new’ Nobody’s Fool is more than a match for that stirring hair metal staple.

Of course, what Tom Keifer and co. lacked back in the day was a video featuring a ‘mini me’ version of their band.

It’s something This House We Built sought to fix — and the end result is both hilarious and utterly adorable.

But back to the tune.

Scott Wardell’s Toby Jepson-esque vocals (it must be something in the Scarborough water) dovetail deliciously with six-stringer Andy Jackson’s fluid fretwork.

And the end result is yet another fist-pumping, festival-ready anthem from Rushonrock’s favourite new rockers.

It’s a given that This House We Built guarantee wall to wall entertainment. 

But Nobody’s Fool blows the roof off.

What’s next for This House We Built

Live dates aplenty kick off with a set at Peterborough’s Nene Valley Rock Festival on September 1.

But it’s November when things really get moving for This House We Built.

Support slots with Tyketto and a stop off at Planet Rockstock build up to a final show of the year as Wardell and co. headline Newcastle’s Trillians on December 21.

Band image courtesy of Mark Ellis