Flayed The Swine



Cryptopsy backstory

Having evolved out of Montreal death/thrash band Necrosis in the early 90s, Cryptopsy laid the foundations for technical death metal with 1996’s None So Vile. And the influence of that masterpiece is still widely felt today.

After producing an a slew of albums through the 90s and noughties, the Canadians made a questionable diversion onto deathcore on 2008’s The Unspoken King, before returning to their roots on 2012’s self-titled effort.

Since then, we’ve only had The Book Of Suffering Tome I and II EPs to chew on.

However, Cryptopsy are blasting back next month with a new album, As Gomorrah Burns. In Abeyance, the first single to be take from that record, detonated in July… and they’ve now followed that up with Flayed the Swine.

In vocalist Matt McGachy’s own words

Flayed the Swine is one of the catchiest Cryptopsy songs I have ever written. It is brutal, filled with massive groove sections and extremely vulgar.

“Lyrically, it concentrates on a mental breakdown, an utter loss of control. We all have dark intentions, but we rarely act upon them.

“The protagonist by the end of the track most certainly wishes they hadn’t.”

The verdict on Flayed the Swine

A technical death metal tour de force.

A demonstration of Cryptopsy’s skin searing intensity.

A reminder that founding drummer Flo Mounier seems to be powered by a nuclear reactor.

Flayed the Swine is all of this and more.

Yes, it’s a touch more accessible than much of the band’s trademark work. But anyone concerned that Canadians might be throwing us another curveball need not have worried.

Flayed The Swine, like In Abeyance, harks back to the ferocity of And Then You’ll Beg and None So Vile.

And in a world where younger tech death bands are pushing the boundaries, it’s good to know that Cryptopsy can still deliver the goods.  

What’s next for Cryptopsy?

As Gomorrah Burns will be released on September 8 via Nuclear Blast.

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Cryptopsy band photo by Mihaela Petrescu.